Principal’s Message:

One of the greatest gifts that a parent can give a child, apart from a happy home life with love and attention, is to give them an excellent, enjoyable education. Choosing the right School for your child is vitally important.

I have been in education for over 30 years and it is my passion and delight! I look forward to each day at Little Flock with our precious little people and I never cease to marvel at how special, different, and unique each child is.

All Staff at Little Flock are wonderful Christian women who love and nurture children and they want the very best for them.

We are a ministry of the New Covenant Church, Bryanston and they ensure that we have all the support and backing that we need.
We constantly upgrade the classrooms, classroom equipment and playgrounds and we ensure that the curriculum is what is required for each age group. We endeavour to provide each child with the best learning experience and that every day is a happy, fun-filled day.
We welcome you to come on a tour of Little Flock and we look forward to meeting you.
We promise to love your children,
Judy Hannington.

Why Little Flock?

Why should children start their school career at Little Flock?

Little Flock has served our community as a ministry of the New Covenant Church, Bryanston.

We have a nurturing, happy environment for children and we strive to do everything with excellence to the glory of God. We have fully qualified, nurturing and loving Christian teachers and assistants for all of our classes who ensure that children are well cared for, built up and made strong in all areas so that they are well prepared for Grade 1.

We want to encourage a generation of problem solvers, courageous perserverers who have a purpose to life, who love and serve God and who develop and enjoy the creativity that God has placed inside them.

Mission Statement

Our mandate is to train children academically, physically, socially and emotionally and get them ready for ”Big School”.

Our Vision

Our vision is that every child at Little Flock comes to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and that they leave Pre-School as a whole person, having reached their full potential. Where children have difficulties, we want the School to be a refuge where they feel loved, safe and accepted. We want our children to be academically inspired and find learning fun so that they will all feel that they can achieve their own personal goals.

Main Aims

  • For Little Flock to be of a high standard academically so all children will be well prepared for entering the Primary School years.
  • For all our children to be built up and made strong in all areas.
  • To have an impact and to be a service to all in our community.
  • To have an influence on the lives of all children as well as the lives of their parents.
  • Our teachers to be people who are dedicated to God and to the Building of His Church and to have a love for children and to be passionate about education.